Terms & Conditions

  • February 1, 2020

  • In the following terms and conditions “me”, “mine”, "my" and “I” means The More Life Project, with all its rights. The More Life Project is founded and driven by Kevin, and can be reached via e-mail: themorelifeproject[at]gmail.com.

    When you visit my website, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit or hang out/talk to me in person, you agree to these terms and conditions, whether you read them or not.

    During the journey, I will make audio and/or visual recordings of any place I visit. If you are close to me and/or my van you agree that recordings can be made, edited, published and used, but you can not demand compensation. If you take a photo(s) with a camera or cell phone, in which I and/or my van is captured, I have the right to use it for what I want, even if you publish it/them on the internet, etc.

    All pictures, images, photos, film & movies that I publish on my website, vlog & social media are my own works and therefore © by me, unless otherwise indicated. They may not be copied, modified or manipulated without a written permission from me. If you want to use any of them, send me an email for approval. Don't forget to always mention the source.

    The marketing I do, such as posters, TV commercials, radio advertising, Internet advertising, or other commercial advertising, may not be copied, modified or manipulated without a written permission from me.

    Visitors have their own responsibility. I may suggest different activities, in which I may have more skills than you. If you decide to join me, you are responsible for your own participation.

    Illness or bad weather conditions, will give me the right to postpone any booked event such as meeting, interview etc. to another date, without any, in my opinion, bad consequences.

    These terms and conditions apply to everything that concern or is created by The More Life Project, unless otherwise indicated.